As a skin therapist, I have always, at least the last 50years being fascinating of the esthetics and the humans, but only in the natural way.

The skin products that I create today are not as challenging and difficult as to create a natural perfume.

How do I start, what is it going to smell like, which essences do I like to be in there? Do I have those essences and do they work together? Of course not! Most of the time, it’s not working, even though I have had the best of visions. Of the approximately 100 perfumes that I have made I’m satisfied with 10, so I really hope that I will progress through the years and when I begin with a new perfume that I will be able to solve most of the problems, from the start.

After I took the first course I took several natural perfumers courses and I even went to USA for a continuing course. It was fun and I learned a lot, but am I a perfect natural perfumer, of course not, so here I am looking forward to create perfect natural perfumes.

A hundred year old tree shares its simple wisdom about life: When love and skills work together, expect a master peace.

Viveca Göcke